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Kreuzfahrten nach Kalabahi, Alor (Indonesien)

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The unique culture of the Alorese continues among the Takpala indigenous group who have preserved their traditional architecture and ceremonies. The island of Alor is also known as the island of a Thousand Moko’s. The Moko is a small bronze kettledrum which is believed to have originated from the Dong Son culture of Vietnam. However, it remains a mystery as to how these prehistoric Dong Son drums arrived in Alor. Local legend says that the Moko’s were discovered buried in the ground, and indeed mokos are still being uncovered today. Join the expedition team and local guides for a tour by local transport to Takpala village, the Museum of a Thousand Mokos and the thriving main market of Kalabahi.

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Inkl. Transfer Innenstadt/Pier
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05.09.2022 bis 19.09.2022
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20.02.2023 bis 07.03.2023

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