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Occupying half the Island of New Guinea, Western New Guinea (once known as Irian Jaya) is one of the most remote and mysterious regions of the world. Even today, there are at least 44 tribes that have never had contact with the outside world. Nestled in the South West corner of the island is the Asmat region, long fabled as the realm of head-hunters and cannibals. Where ancient traditions of ancestor worship have resisted the influence of Christian missionaries. Today’s expedition starts with a zodiac transfer to the village of Syuru where you will be met by a multitude of Asmat warrior canoes. Once ashore a traditional ceremony will take place. In the afternoon guests can undertake a guided walking tour of Agats township.

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Cairns - Benoa, Bali
15 Nächte an Bord
20.02.2023 bis 07.03.2023

Preis pro Person auf Basis einer Doppelkabine. Dieser Preis gilt vorbehaltlich Verfügbarkeit und basiert auf der Auslastung des jeweiligen Schiffes. Die Kabinenkategorie, für die dieser Preis gilt, ist möglichweise nicht mehr verfügbar

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