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Adrian McCallum

Adrian McCallum

Dr Adrian McCallum currently serves as Head of Engineering at University of the Sunshine Coast and manages courses in geotechnical engineering and weather and climate. He is fortunate to have led a life of adventure and exploration around the globe and is an expert in remote area science & engineering.

He holds a PhD from the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge and additional degrees in oceanography, meteorology, and civil engineering.

During twenty years’ service across the Australian Defence Forces he served in numerous diverse roles such as helicopter navigator, meteorologist and civil engineer and he has led or participated in adventurous scientific expeditions around the globe. These investigations have taken him to many far-flung locations including Svalbard, Greenland, across the Arctic and Antarctica, and to the Himalaya and the ice caps of Patagonia. His passion is delivering expedition-based experiences that allow students to learn, reflect and explore…

Language spoken: English


Photo credit: Martin Hartley

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